Book A Skype Or Zoom Consultation

Professor Lloyd offers video consultations via Skype or Zoom for patients who have are located across the globe or have difficulty travelling to consultation appointments. * We value your safety, and whilst not mandatory, we are advising consultations to take place via Skype or Zoom due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

How A Virtual Consultation Works

Requesting a Skype or Zoom consultation is simple and works very well for patients who cannot easily travel, or want confirmation of the diagnosis prior to surgical treatment. Professor Lloyd has completed over 800 Skype consultations. We have a really easy process to follow and the links to both of these platforms are here:

  • Send Your Details Through The Contact Form Below
  • We’ll Call You Back To Arrange A Suitable Time For Yourself & Professor Lloyd
  • Once The Time Is Agreed, An Invoice Will Be Sent
  • The Invoice Must Be Paid Prior To The Consultation
  • The Consultation Date & Time Is Set

Request A Skype Consultation