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Testimonials From Pain Free Patients

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Professor David Lloyd MBBS, FRCS, MD (PhD), has been involved in the world of medicine and surgery since 1975. In 1980 David qualified as a doctor and became a fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1985, before embarking on a career that has helped and improved the lives of thousands of patients.

Latest patient feedback submitted for Professor David M Lloyd

I came to prof Lloyd with severe, chronic pain in the rectus sheath, but that up until seeing him had been misdiagnosed on several occasions, and was generally causing real issues day to day. Within about 15 seconds he'd diagnosed the issue (correctly as it turned out), and treated with corticosteroids in the first instance. This didn't work, so we turned to exploratory surgery, whereupon he discovered the issue and fixed it. The recovery process matched roughly the timelines he laid out, and now, 8 weeks post surgery, I'm pretty much back to full function. Cannot recommend him as a surgeon enough.

Following a succinct and timely consultation I was booked in without delay for a Gallbladder removal with Prof.Lloyd. He explained everything in good detail and his no nonsense professional manner was reassuring to me. 12 days after my op Prof.Lloyd signed me off with flying colours. Following my experience I would gladly recommend Prof. David Lloyd

Clear communicator of process especially immediately pre op Engaging and confidence inspiring manner both before and after op Smooth admin

Offline Testimonials

I am very grateful for Professor Lloyd for getting me back playing football so quickly


Leicester City Football Club

Glenn was able to resume training and for the first time in two years, run and kick freely. The end result was his best season ever as Albion won League One and he scored 22 goals. Now it was the adulation of the Seagulls’ fans echoing around the ground.


Brighton Albion

I went to Leicester to see Mr.Lloyd. Mr Lloyd had this clever procedure to nick a ligament to release pressure. It worked and since then I’ve been fine


Extract from Michael Carrick Autobiography

Gary Dicker had been suffering from bilateral groin pain since the start of 2020 with no resolve during lockdown. He was seen by Professor Lloyd exactly 2 weeks before the start of the season, was back training after 11 days and available for selection for the 1st game. Amazing that he’s been able to return to such an elite level that quickly post-op!


Kilmarnock FC

Dear Professor Lloyd. I wanted to thank you for operating on Katherine who has been unable to walk for 18 months due to a groin injury. She has spent the last 6 months in a wheel chair. I Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your very successful intervention on Katherine. I reviewed her in my clinic today and found to my surprise that she was walking, out of her wheel chair and markedly better only 4 weeks after a Lloyd Release Procedure. Thank you so much.


University Hospital London

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Professor David M Lloyd

Professor of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon specialising in Hepatobiliary Surgery, Gall Stone Surgery, Hernia Surgery and Surgery for Groin Pain.

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