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Spleen Surgery

When your doctor confirms you have a spleen problem, what should you do next?

Have you been diagnosed with a non-working spleen, an over active spleen, an enlarged spleen or a cyst on your spleen?

Are you having painful problems with your spleen or splenic cyst, which have left you needing urgent spleen removal or partial splenectomy? If you’re keen to get your spleen problems dealt with as professionally and promptly as possible, then private spleen surgery is your best option.

Professor Lloyd has been removing spleens for nearly 30 years

Professor Lloyd has been removing spleens for nearly 30 years. He has performed hundreds of splenectomies and is one of the most experienced spleen surgeons in the world. He was the first surgeon in the UK to perform spleen surgery using keyhole surgery in a child in the UK. He was also the first surgeon to perform a partial splenectomy which is useful for conditions such a hereditary spherocytosis and splenic cysts. By preserving part of the spleen patients do not require life long antibiotics as the risk of getting an infection remains normal. Patients who have the whole spleen removed will require vaccinations before the operation, which will have to be repeated every five years or so, take life-long antibiotics and avoid travelling to certain parts of the world. Most spleens can be removed laparoscopically with a hospital stay of 24 – 48 hours. Full recovery takes about 2 weeks. Conditions which require splenectomy include ITP which causes low platelets, lymphoma, splenic pain and hereditary blood disorders.

For more information about the splenic surgery please contact Professor David Lloyd.

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