spigelian hernia repair

 Private Spigelian Hernia Repair

When your doctor confirms the presence of an spigelian hernia, what should you do next?

Have you been diagnosed with a spigelian hernia which is increasing in size, becoming unsightly, uncomfortable or causing you pain? Does the pain get worse when lifting heavy objects or coughing? 


If so, you may have been told by a doctor that spigelian hernia surgery would help take away these problems, but how can you ensure it’s done sooner, rather than later? 


With private spigelian hernia repair, you’ll avoid the long waiting times that many patients experience with the NHS. Following a consultation with an internationally acclaimed spigelian hernia surgeon and subsequent spigelian hernia surgery, you’ll be on the road to recovery and pain free in no time at all.

99% of spigelian hernia patients leave same day

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Most patients go home on the day of planned spigelian hernia surgery, some will be required to spend 1-2 nights in hospital. Private spigelian hernia repair can be carried out under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic and in the most comfortable of circumstances.


Spigelian hernias can be hard to diagnose and can cause considerable pain in the long term. However, with early medical intervention and surgery to correct the hole in your abdominal muscles, you can be on the road to recovery and free from pain in super quick time.

Book a consultation today and be pain-free within 2 weeks

  • Surgery usually takes place in less than 1 hour 
  • Same day surgery and exit from hospital
  • Fast recovery using the least invasive method of surgery
  • Private room
  • Free WiFi/satellite TV
  • Allocated named nurse
  • Specialist anaesthetist
  • Skype consultations available

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    Glenn Murray

    Brighton Albion

    "Glenn was able to resume training and for the first time in two years, run and kick freely. The end result was his best season ever as Albion won League One and he scored 22 goals. Now it was the adulation of the Seagulls’ fans echoing around the ground."

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    ``Undergoing surgery is a daunting prospect for most people. I am dedicated to providing my patients with the best possible care, and I believe that understanding the process is as vital to the service I deliver as the diagnosis and surgery itself.``Professor David LLoyd, MB, BS (Lond), FRCS (England), MD (Leics)
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    Why you should consider spigelian hernia surgery

    • The operation will permanently cure the pain you experience from your hernia
    • Removes the risk of any further complications such strangulation and further growth
    • Very quick and extremely safe, routine procedure using keyhole surgery, minimising the risk of scarring and considerably reducing postoperative pain.
    • Dissolvable stitches allow you to return to normal activities within a few days after surgery, minimising disruption to your routine lifestyle.

    Why you should consider a private spigelian hernia procedure over NHS

    • No long waiting period from consultation to surgery. The waiting time can be as little as 2 weeks.
    • Highly skilled, specialist anaesthetist on hand throughout the procedure to ensure full recovery post-op.
    • World renowned and highly experienced specialist surgeon, Professor David Lloyd has undertaken more than 10,000 successful laparoscopic procedures.
    • Comfortable, private recovery room with free Wi-Fi and satellite TV plus allocated named nurse to assist you. Excellent support, post-op and great aftercare service.

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    A fully qualified, highly experienced, world-renowned hernia surgeon at your service

    Professor David Lloyd has performed more than 7000 laparoscopic hernia repairs, which includes laparoscopic spigelian hernia repair and open spigelian hernia repair. He is considered a leading opinion in this field. 


    When you need a private surgeon to resolve your spigelian hernia problem, Professor Lloyd has over 20 years of surgical experience and specialises in hernia and groin pain surgery.


    He is a contributor to world hernia standards and the British & American National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines on keyhole surgery, as well as being a frequent speaker at the European Hernia Society.


    A spigelian hernia occurs when a hole is made through a weakness in the abdominal wall. At the start you may notice a lump or bulge appearing to the side and below your tummy button. This consists normally of fatty tissue but may contain bowel (gut). 


    Treatment can be carried out via laparoscopic spigelian hernia or open spigelian hernia repair, however, if these repairs are left too long to be carried out, a blockage of the bowel can occur which will further increase abdominal pain and cause vomiting. In exceptional circumstances, this can mean life threatening conditions and the need for an emergency operation.

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