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Private Groin Surgery

Groin pain is extremely common and occurs equally in athletes and non-athletes. It is often confused with a hernia where there is a definite weakness and an obvious bulge in the groin area. Most groin pain however is not caused by a hernia even if one is present. The pain is caused by strained ligaments. The term sportsman’s hernia should be abandoned as sportsmen and women do not usually have a hernia. The most accurate definition should be inguinal disruption or inguinal ligament strain. Other names include Gilmore’s groin, sportsman’s groin or adductor strain.

Just one simple operation could get you pain free within weeks

Maybe you’re an elite athlete who needs groin repair, but has to get back on the sports field as soon as possible. Perhaps the pain has become unbearable and you urgently need a private groin surgeon who can ease the discomfort, using the most effective techniques available.

It was with these problems in mind, that world renowned groin repair surgeon, Professor David Lloyd, developed The Lloyd Release Procedure, specifically designed to effectively treat groin problems in elite and non-elite athletes, who had pain arising from specific ligaments.

Groin pain affects many sportsmen and women – particularly those who compete in sports involving kicking, rapid acceleration and deceleration, and sudden changes of direction, such as rugby and football. Sportsman’s Groin, which is also referred to as sports hernia and Gilmore’s Groin, is one of the most frequent threats to an athletic career.

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More than one thousand athletes (both men and women) from all kinds of sporting arenas, have now been treated, and benefited from The Lloyd Release Procedure in the following ways:


97% of athletes reported significant improvement with their pain


74% of athletes were match-fit at four weeks after surgery


73% reported complete absence of their symptoms


88% returned to full pain-free physical activity and sport


97% of patients returned to their sport or normal activity within 4 weeks

Professor Lloyd has performed surgery on many of our Olympic athletes and international sports stars. Famous athletes who have undergone the Lloyd Release procedure include Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams, Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, Manchester United’s Michael Carrick and Scott McTominay, England’s striker Peter Crouch, and Brighton and Hove Albion star Glenn Murray.

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Jamie had a bilateral Lloyd Release Procedure in early January and was able to return to playing Premier League football eight days after surgery. He had surgery to both groins with mesh reinforcement using keyhole surgery. His physiotherapist, Dave Rennie, was closely involved in his rehabilitation and the whole medical team helped him to return to top flight football.

Professor David Lloyd. Creator of the Lloyd Release Procedure

The Lloyd Release Procedure is a method of groin repair, which involves releasing the tension in ligaments and allows recovery within a few weeks. It is conducted via keyhole surgery, performed under a full general anaesthetic. The whole procedure typically takes less than one hour.

Three tiny incisions are made in the abdomen at the level of the navel and a telescope (laparoscope) is inserted to allow the groin area to be explored.

Ligaments are assessed for tears and inflammation and divided, and the pectineal ligament and fascia are also carefully assessed and released if they are under tension.

Once all the ligaments are freed, the area is covered with a 12cm x 15cm synthetic mesh, as is done during routine laparoscopic hernia repair.

After laparoscopic surgery, athletes are encouraged to perform stretching exercises within 24 hours to regain mobility.

There is no restriction on activity after the release procedure and athletes can return to light training within days and try and resume normal training within a week. The goal should be that players return to their full sporting activities within four weeks.

Your consultation with Professor David Lloyd

What happens during a consultation? Professor Lloyd will ask you some relevant questions about your general health and your lifestyle. He’ll want to know if you are on any medication and whether you have any underlying or ongoing health issues. You may also be asked to take a blood test and provide a urine sample.

He may want you to have an MRI scan and he will discuss whether you would benefit from physiotherapy or whether a course of injections might be worth trying in order to avoid surgery. Change the next paragragh to ‘If it is decided that surgery is advisable he will explain the details of the procedure etc …’

He’ll then explain the details of the procedure so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you arrive for your surgery. You will be given clear details about what to do and what not to do before your operation. You will also be provided with information that relates to your postoperative care such as, tending to your wounds and dealing effectively with any possible but very unlikely side-effects.

What to do now…

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During your consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you want, so don’t be afraid to ask any question relating to your groin pain. It may be easier to make a note of any changes you’ve noticed in preparation for the consultation.

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