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Private Adrenal Gland Surgery

Professor Lloyd has performed more than 200 adrenalectomies. He has one of the largest personal series in the UK

Adrenal gland tumours are rare but can cause significant concern and clinical problems. Booking an appointment to discuss the pros and cons of surgery couldn’t be easier.  We could have you feeling better within a matter of weeks. 

Remember, with an NHS specialist, you might have to wait several months for an appointment or even surgery, with absolutely no guarantee it will be done on time.  Private surgery offers almost immediate care with your own hospital room and expert care throughout.

Laparoscopic adrenalectomy can be a relatively straight forward procedure and often done as a day case

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Adrenal tumours are rare and most are benign (non-cancerous). However, there are two main types of adrenal gland cancer – malignant phaeochromoctyoma and adrenocortical carcinoma.

Surgery to remove phaeochromocytoma can be done using laparoscopic or open surgery, while the main treatments for adrenal cortical cancer (ACC) are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

Professor Lloyd is a very experienced adrenal surgeon with particular expertise in removing phaeochromocytomas working closely with his consultant anaesthetists who work in intensive care. He would be very happy to offer an initial private consultation.

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A laparoscopic adrenalectomy involves removal of an adrenal gland using the ‘keyhole’ (laparoscopic) surgical method. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and the most commonly used method of adrenal gland removal because there is often reduced blood loss, less pain and fewer complications than the open method, as well as a much shorter recovery time. 


With such small incisions, scarring is kept to an absolute minimum and will generally fade with time. Complications are uncommon and the whole procedure can be undertaken in less than an hour, which means you should be able to go home the very same day and be fully recovered in around 7-10 days.

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    ``Undergoing surgery is a daunting prospect for most people. I am dedicated to providing my patients with the best possible care, and I believe that understanding the process is as vital to the service I deliver as the diagnosis and surgery itself.``Professor David LLoyd, MB, BS (Lond), FRCS (England), MD (Leics)

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    Stop adrenal gland pain & symptoms forever…

    • The operation will permanently cure the pain & symptoms associated with your adrenal gland.
    • Reduces excess hormone production, lowering elevated blood pressure hypertension).
    • Reduce rapid heartbeat and heavy sweating
    • Stop adrenal gland related headaches
    • Cure sickness and feelings of anxiety
    • Minimal scarring with laparoscopic surgery

    Why you should consider a private surgical procedure over NHS

    • No long waiting period from consultation to surgery. The waiting time can be as little as 2 weeks.
    • Highly skilled, specialist anaesthetist on hand throughout the procedure to ensure full recovery post-op.
    • World renowned and highly experienced specialist surgeon, Professor David Lloyd has undertaken more than 10,000 successful laparoscopic procedures.
    • Comfortable, private recovery room with free Wi-Fi and satellite TV plus allocated named nurse to assist you. Excellent support, post-op and great aftercare service.

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    A fully qualified, highly experienced, world-renowned medical professional team at your service

    When you need pheochromocytoma surgeons or pheochromocytoma surgery, finding a private surgeon who can resolve the problem expertly and quickly, may feel like a complex procedure of its own.  

    However, finding the right pheochromocytoma surgeon to carry out private adrenal gland surgery is vital. 

    Professor David Lloyd is a world-renowned, leading UK surgeon, with over 20 years of surgical experience, who has performed an adrenalectomy procedure many thousands of times. His pioneering work in this field has gained him an international reputation.


    Operations are performed within the centrally located, fully refurbished Nuffield Health Hospital or the Spire Leicester Hospital, both of which can be reached easily by car or public transport. You will enjoy the company of friendly and caring medical staff, comfortable surroundings, an unhurried procedure carried out by a dedicated surgeon and excellent aftercare. Your health and well-being are paramount.


    Your consultation with Professor David Lloyd


    What happens during a consultation? Professor Lloyd will ask you some relevant questions about your general health and your lifestyle. He’ll want to know if you are on any medication and whether you have any underlying or ongoing health issues. You may also be asked to take a blood test and provide a urine sample. 

    He’ll then explain the details of the procedure so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you arrive for your surgery. You will be given clear details about what to do and what not to do before your operation. You will also be provided with information that relates to your postoperative care such as, tending to your wounds and dealing effectively with any possible but very unlikely side-effects.

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    During your consultation, you will be able to ask any questions regarding your adrenal glands. And, after your consultation, if you decide not to proceed with the operation… that’s not a problem.