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Professor David Lloyd MBBS, FRCS, MD (PhD), has been involved in the world of medicine and surgery since 1975.  In 1980 David qualified as a doctor and became a fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1985, before embarking on a career that has helped and improved the lives of thousands of patients.


Below is a brief timeline of David’s pioneering work and surgical achievements, from performing the USA’s first live liver transplant, to helping NASA send cells into space, to pioneering and performing Europe’s first keyhole surgery to inventing a cancer microwave machine and much more – Professor Lloyd continues to pioneer surgical standards and procedures around the world.


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``I have a passion for caring for my patients that goes above and beyond the standard level of care. I promise to help you solve your problem and give you the best chance of the fastest recovery.``Professor David Lloyd

Professional & Personal Achievements & Milestones

· 1974

Research Assistant at CERN, Geneva (Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the internet at CERN)

· 1985

Becomes a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

· 1985-1987

1985 Spends 3 years at the University of Chicago, USA performing research and liver transplant surgery gaining a PhD.

· 1987

Performs team USA's first live donor liver transplant

· 1988

Helps NASA research team to send cells into space

· 1990

Performs 1st Keyhole Gallbladder removal in Leicester

· 1991-1993

Head-hunted to run Liver Transplant Unit in Hamburg

· 1992

Team Performs First Living Donor Liver Transplant in Europe

· 1994

Appointed Consultant Surgeon in Liver and Laparoscopic Surgery

· 1994

Sets up Children's Charity and raises £100,000 for paediatric keyhole equipment

· 1994

Performs First UK Keyhole Surgery On A Child

· 1997

Performs Europe's First Keyhole Removal Of Liver Tumour

· 1998

Creates the Lloyd Release Procedure To Treat Groin Pain in Elite Athletes

· 1999

Had an idea to develop a microwave machine to treat liver cancer. Set up a research programme.

· 2001

World's First Patient Treated With David's Microwave Machine

· 2002

Delivers Microwave Machine To Malaysian Prime Minister

· 2006

Awarded NHS Bronze Medal for Clinical Excellence

· 2008

Describes 3rd Type of Inguinal Hernia - Lloyds Hernia

· 2008

Performs 1st Microwave Ablation with his own microwave machine in China

· 2009

Declared Leicester's Most Honoured Citizen Award For Cancer Research by Lord Mayor

· 2009

Appointed Ambassador To Special Olympics

· 2011

World Wide Study of Microwave Treatment Published

· 2012

Invited Speaker to American Surgical Congress in New York, USA to present Lloyd Release Procedure

· 2013

100th Scientific Paper Published

· 2015

Appointed Professor of Surgery at University of Leicester

· 2015

Chairs Groin Pain and Hernia meeting at the 1st World Congress of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery in Milan.

· 2017

Guest Speaker at European Hernia Congress in Vienna in 2017.

· 2019

Chairs and runs 30th National Hernia Training Course performing live surgery

· 2019

Nominated Most Outstanding Clinical Teacher, University Hospitals Leicester

In My Down Time.....

During the hours I’m not working, I like to spend time and relax by playing the guitar, cycling, water skiing, snow skiing and spending time with my wife Debbie and my grown-up children Arabella and Harrison (without forgetting Bonnie and Boo our two little dogs of course!).

I also support several charities including The Outward Bound Trust, Oxfam and Leicester’s Air Ambulance Service.


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